Jesus, is the Healer, the miracle worker ... Expect to be healed and prospered by God.....I have Come that you might have life in abundance.  Reach out today and receive what Jesus has for you. Receive his... Read More


Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday to our amazing members and partners celebrating their Birthday this Month. May the Lord bless you and Prosper you with many more years of Service for His Kingdom. Happy Birthday!!!! Read More

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A Place Of Love, Encouragement & Joy

Things Indeed can change and people do feel renewed in here !!!!!   Your life has to be a living Testimony Many people who come to fellowship with us want to know how they can be dedicated worshiper, Bible believing... Read More

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Your Breakthrough Is Here

It doesnt matter what you have done, what you are facing or who is against you.  If the Lord be for you, who can be against you? Victory is still possible. Deliverance is right here. Breakthrough for you at last.... Read More